About Us

Shubh Agency Incorporated in 1996 in the heart of Ceramic City of India called ‘Morbi’ (Gujarat) engaged in supplying of all kinds of Ceramic raw-materials. The Promoters of this group has a wide knowledge in Ceramics Industry since 1980’s first with manufacturing of Ceramic products and with their technical knowledge have diversified and transformed into a wide range of supplying raw-materials used in Ceramic production along with technical service provided to Customers.

It is totally a family-owned business which is handled by the promoter Mr. Kishor Parmar along with co-founders of this group who are brothers to Promoter namely Mr. Hiren Parmar and Mr. Harin Parmar. Initiated with just few products in hand in 1996, now this group has each and every product of Ceramic raw-materials with the best quality in its value. Started with one company, now this group owns seven different companies who are engaged in same business. This whole group has been known by its brand name called ‘Shubh’ among their clients.

Our Group Firms